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What Support We Offer in the Forth Valley

Scottish Families are operating a Family Support Service across the Forth Valley and will provide information and advice, one to one support, peer support through the facilitation of family support groups and advocacy to individuals, family members and friends affected by someone else’s substance misuse.

Although we are only able to support adult family members (18 years and over) we will be able to direct you to other age appropriate services if applicable.

Family Support Groups

These groups offer support to people who have or are experiencing similar family situations as a result of someone else’s misuse of alcohol and/or drugs. They can be facilitated by one of our staff or be led by a family member and are a safe environment to discuss common issues and solutions.

The group discussions and support provide members with information on addiction issues experienced by families, how to support and look after yourself, how to cope and influence positive change, how to access other local resources and services.  This can be achieved through invited speakers, training opportunities, use of existing community resources and shared experiences and learning.

We understand that it may seem daunting for new people to join a group but we can have an individual chat with you to find the best way forward for you and can arrange to meet you beforehand so you are not walking in on your own.

If you are interested in finding out more about the groups in the Forth Valley then click on the links of the groups to the left hand side of this screen.

One to One Support

If a group setting is not right for you our staff can offer:

  • Structured sessions similar to those offered in a group setting
  • Individual support and sessions for a time limited period
  • Sessions tailored to your particular needs
  • Help you monitor your progress.

We do not offer professional counselling but can put you in contact with services that do.


We can support you in meetings or discussions to ensure your voice is heard on issues that are important to you and to help ensure your views and wishes are genuinely considered.

Signposting to Other Organisations and Services in Your Area

We can highlight local facilities and services that could assist in supporting your health and wellbeing.

Although we cannot work with the person misusing substances we can provide details on services that can. By working with the family members there is a greater chance of sustaining recovery for the person misusing substances.

Provision of Information

  • We can provide general information about alcohol and drug addictions and its effects.
  • We can direct you to particular resources where you can learn more about specific drugs.
  • We can provide you with information on current policy developments related to family recovery and family inclusive practice.
  • We may ask for your input so we can better inform Government.


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