Join our Online Community

Scottish Families have developed an Online Community including a live chat room where family members can come together online chat and support one another.  Its very easy to join you simply have to create a nickname, enter your email address and start chatting.

There are also message boards with topics such as;

  • Newbies Corner – Introduce yourself (don’t disclose anything personal that you wouldn’t be happy being in public view)
  • Advocacy – Do you feel like you need support with non drug or alcohol related issues and are looking for guidance?
  • Communities – What is going on in your community? Would you be interested in getting involved in your local community?
  • How to support your loved one – Do you feel like you have tried all options to support your family member. Feel like you are at the end of your tether and don’t know what to do? Are you looking for new ways to support your loved one and improve home life? (this will include communication, boundaries, fears, strengths and achievements etc)
  • Recovery – Are you in recovery? What advice would you give to someone who is not at that stage in life and would benefit from your life
  • Self Care  – Its important that you look after yourself first and foremost. You cant support a family member if you don’t look after yourself. Its important to take time for yourself and try to relax.
  • Treatment – Do you have any questions or queries regarding treatment options and how to access appropriate support?
  • Bereavement – Have you lost a loved one who has used substances? Do you have questions or queries that you would like to discuss? Are you struggling to cope and would benefit from support?

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